Universities may hold own entry exams, minister says

Universities may hold own entry exams, minister says

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News
Universities may hold own entry exams, minister says

A draft code for the Higher Education Board will be discussed at the Prime Ministy, says Minister Avcı, who took post from Ömer Çelik by the end of January. DAILY NEWS photo, Hasan ALTINIŞIK

The Education Minister has revealed that the university entrance exam will be changed to allow universities to hold their own exams, in addition to changes to high school entrance exams.

Education Minister Nabi Avcı told state-owned TRT news channel on Feb. 28 that the high school entrance exam, known as the SBS, as well as the university entrance exam system will change. Avcı said a Higher Education Board (YÖK) draft on changing the University Entrance Examinations (YGS and LYS) will be discussed by the Prime Ministry, according to Anatolia news agency. “The YÖK draft will be discussed at the Prime Ministry. University entrance exams are included in this draft and there may be changes in it. Universities will be able to conduct their own exams. It is not clear yet whether a general exam will be held or not,” he said.

Extra curricular activities

Some universities, such as the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ), Boğaziçi and İstanbul Technical University (İTÜ), will be able to conduct their own exams, daily Vatan reported on Feb. 28, citing the details of the project that is being discussed by the Prime Ministry. The universities will be able to evaluate extra-curricular activities when accepting students. In the current system, a central university exam determines entrance to universities and does not evaluate extra-curricular activities.

An official from Boğaziçi University told Hürriyet Daily News that no process has been started by the university, as they have not been informed of such developments.

The university exam system will change in four years, as the first year only 30 to 35 universities will be able hold their own exams, according to daily Vatan. The following year, around 60 universities will join them as this number increases to 100 in the third year. In the fourth year, the central exam system will be removed altogether. Faculty boards will decide on accepting new students and objections will be made to YÖK. Universities will be able to hold their exams in cooperation with the ÖSYM. Accordingly, students will not register to departments, but to faculties and will receive the major courses of their faculty in their first year. Students will choose their majors and departments in the following years, according to the daily.