Turkish Education Ministry dismisses two advisers for headscarf decision

Turkish Education Ministry dismisses two advisers for headscarf decision

The Education Ministry dismissed two legal advisors as a precaution after an investigation began against them for objecting to a Council of State decision that struck down the expulsion of a teacher from her profession for wearing a headscarf at school, Anadolu agency reported on July 26.

Legal advisers, Harun Kaman and Meral Dağtekin, were dismissed from their posts in the ministry as a precaution when an investigation was opened over a case about the removal of a teacher from her post for wearing headscarf. A disciplinary board decided to dismiss the teacher, identified as G.D., who taught religion courses at a secondary school in the Black Sea province of Samsun, for wearing a headscarf in class on Aug. 1, 2001. G.D. objected to the decision and filed a lawsuit at the Samsun Administrative Court, but her demand was refused by the court. The Council of State, however, approved the woman’s appeal on Nov. 12, 2012.

However, the Education Ministry asked the Council of State to cancel its decision in April, saying the complainant had violated the dress code while insisting that her dismissal was in accordance with the law.

The ministry started an investigation into legal advisers Kaman, Dağtekin, Süleyman Kılınç and Seher Kutay, who signed the decision.

According to the ministry sources, first legal adviser Osman Çelik was retired while Karman and Dağtekin were dismissed as a precaution for the ongoing investigation.