Transvestite policeman in Istanbul caught prostituting

Transvestite policeman in Istanbul caught prostituting

Transvestite policeman in Istanbul caught prostituting

Hürriyet Photo

A policeman in Istanbul was detained and received a dishonorable discharge after being caught in the act of prostituting, daily Vatan reported today.

The policeman, 28,  was reportedly prostituting at nights in female clothes going by the nickname "Fettan Ceyda," after working as an officer in a police station in the daytime, according to reports.

The incident was revealed after police conducted an operation following a denunciation mail, saying that the policeman, F.B, was dressed like a woman and prostituted at nights, and that he had a website called ""

Police made contact over the phone with the man to arrange a meeting as a customer for 150 Turkish Liras. The man was caught in the act when the police went to the address in Istanbul's Zeytinburnu district that F.B had provided.

Police detained the officer and took him to the police station, where he confessed everything during questioning. 

"I have felt like a woman since an early age," F.B. reportedly said. "I always did it secretly to avoid destroying the responsibility of my job ... I am doing this not for money but for pleasure."

A lawsuit has been opened against the policeman, requesting four years in prison on charges of "soliciting and accomodation for prostitution," and he has been removed from his profession, reports said.