Istanbul 3rd worst city in world for road rage: Research

Istanbul 3rd worst city in world for road rage: Research

Emre Özpeynirci – ISTANBUL
Istanbul 3rd worst city in world for road rage: Research

Istanbul has been ranked as third worst city in the world for road rage, according to research carried out by German automobile company kfzteile2.

The study also put Istanbul in the worst 10 cities for traffic congestion.

Dusseldorf ranked first in terms of low levels of traffic, good public transport and high road quality, while India’s Kolkata ranked last.

The worst city in the world for road rage is St. Petersburg, followed by the Colombian capital Bogota, according to the research.

The researchers took several criteria into account when ranking the cities, including the average vehicle age, traffic jam ratios, public transport options, average parking lot fees, average fuel expenses, average speed, levels of air pollution, accidents and deaths, road quality and the level of road rage.

More than half of the top 20 cities with the best driving experience are in Europe, while the remaining cities are located in North America, Australia, Asia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

On the other hand, the bottom 20 cities in the list with the worst driving experience is largely made up of rapidly developing cities with lower income levels. These cities, mostly located in India, South America, Eastern Europe, Southeastern Asia and Africa, are at the bottom of the list because of two significant factors, with one being the lack of good public transport alternatives and the second being low road quality, according to kfzteile2.

While many cities in the United States are listed among the best options for driving experience, Miami, Los Angeles and New York City are among the worst.

There are three Indian cities in the 10 cities with the worst traffic, with Kolkata ranking first, Mumbai ranking fifth and Bangalore ranking sixth.

While Istanbul ranks 10th in cities with worst traffic, Karachi ranks second, followed by Lagos, Ulan Batur, Mumbai, Bangalore, Ho Chi Minh, Bogota and Mexico City.

The best cities, meanwhile, are ranked from first to last as follows: Dusseldorf, Dubai, Zurich, Tokyo, Basel, Singapore, Dortmund, Vienna, Munich and Calgary.

Switzerland was found to be the safest country in terms of traffic with the lowest number of traffic accidents, while Bangkok was found to be the most dangerous in terms of the number of traffic accidents.

The worst city in public transportation is Ulan Batar, followed by Jakarta and Ho Chi Minh.

New York stands out with its high parking fees, with drivers needing to pay an average of $23.80 per hour to use parking lots. The lowest fees for parking are in Kolkata, at $0.27.

The most expensive gasoline, meanwhile, was found to be in Hong Kong with $1.65 per liter, while the cheapest was found to be in Lagos at $0.39 per liter.