Collapse victim’s body found 1 kilometer away

Collapse victim’s body found 1 kilometer away

ANKARA - Doğan News Agency
Collapse victim’s body found 1 kilometer away

The collapse caused a two-meter hole in the pavement on Inönü Boulevard. AA photo

The body of a man who went missing after subway construction work collapsed early Friday in the heart of the capital city was found one kilometer away in the sewage system.

The victim, Kadir Sevim, had reportedly been working on the construction of a building in the Parliament for two days when the tragedy happened.

Republican People’s Party deputy Levent Gök said there had been major negligence in the case and that they would file a legal case.

Sevim was reportedly working on the Parliament in order to save money to join his cousin’s wedding in the Black Sea province of Ordu.

“We had bought our ticket to go to the wedding. Now we are taking his body there,” his wife, Hatice Sevim, said.

Sevim’s body was taken to his hometown Ordu for an autopsy.

Municipality silent

The collapse occurred at 6:50 a.m. on İnönü Boulevard on June 22. It is largely estimated that the collapse was a result of underground work that had started nearly 10 years ago but was left unfinished. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality did not make a statement about the incident, while officials from the transportation ministry said the sewage pipes at the scene of the incident were 40-50 years old and the collapse happened as seawater drew sand into the pip

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