Waterfalls in picturesque Tunceli fascinate visitors

Waterfalls in picturesque Tunceli fascinate visitors

Waterfalls in picturesque Tunceli fascinate visitors

The snow-fed Ekirek Waterfalls, located in the Dipsiz Göl Valley in the Çemişgezek district of the eastern province of Tunceli, attracts the attention of nature enthusiasts and shutterbugs.

The falls, emerging out with their beauty after the melting of the snow in the Kırklar and Yılan Mountains, welcome visitors with fascinating views.

Visitors can arrive in the village of Gözlüçayır after an hour’s drive from the district center and walk past steep slopes to reach the falls that run down from a height of 60 meters.

“Tunceli is a province that comes forward with its natural, cultural and historical beauties, and Ekirek Waterfalls is one of them,” said Malik Kaya, a nature photographer.

Çemişgezek, also known for its historical Tağar Bridge, is a district with 3,037 inhabitants and that stands at a 1,000-meter altitude.

Praising Tunceli, Kaya noted, “Four seasons here in the province pass marvelously. Fall, summer, spring, winter… All are beautiful here.”

Hasret Kaya, a drone pilot who helped Kaya photograph the waterfall with drones, is also a fan of Ekirek.

“I am happy to see and photograph the Ekirek Waterfalls. I have some shots of the waterfall from the air too,” he said.

Saying that his works have recently been used in the promotion of the province, the drone pilot was also confident about the photos of the waterfall.

“Trust me, the photos are fantastic. We will contribute to the publicity of the province with Ekirek Waterfalls’ photos,” he added.