Universities in eastern Turkey more popular

Universities in eastern Turkey more popular

DİYARBAKIR - Anadolu Agency
Universities in eastern Turkey more popular

Mardin Artuklu University’s all placements are filled this year and the university had 818 new students thanks to the ongoing peace process in Turkey. AA photo

An increasing number of students from the western part of Turkey are choosing to attend university in eastern Turkey thanks to the ongoing peace process.

Around 95 percent of the placements in universities in eastern Turkey have been filled according to 2012-2013 university exam results.

The rate of students who lived in the western part of the country but preferred to attend a university in the eastern part of the country increased by 30 percent this academic year.

Harran University’s rector Prof. İbrahim Halil Mutlu said the number of their students would reach 20,000 with more than 4,600 new students being registered this year.

Mutlu said that 95 percent of the placement in Harran University were filled this year and added that they would increase this rate with additional placements. He said the number of doctorate and masters students in the university also increased.

‘Peace process reflected in universities’

“Everything is more attractive in places where the security and peace is restored. The peace process is reflected in the universities,” said Prof. Mutlu.

“More students from abroad prefer our university. Two years ago, we had 12 students from abroad. This year, this number increased to 36. We were expecting to have students from Syria this year, but this could not be achieved due to the developments in Syria,” said Mutlu, adding that they were working on providing the additional buildings for the new classes and students.

Dicle University’s deputy rector Prof. Aytekin Sır said they had 7,225 students registered this year, adding that 885 of them were masters or doctorate students. Sır said that the new students were 5,800 last year, adding that they believed the peace process contributed to the increase in this number.

Mardin Artuklu University’s deputy Rector Prof. Ahmet Erkol said all their placements were filled this year adding that this year they had 818 new students. Batman University’s Secretary General Mustafa İnal said the number of students registered to the university increased from 1,600 last year to 2,300.

Bingöl University’s deputy Rector Prof. Mehmet Çiftçi also joined his colleagues saying that the peace process contributed to an increase of students in the universities in eastern and southeastern provinces. Çiftçi said 3,000 students registered at the Bingöl University, located in the eastern province of Bingöl this year.