Turkish woman pardons daughter-in-law over son’s murder

Turkish woman pardons daughter-in-law over son’s murder

Turkish woman pardons daughter-in-law over son’s murder A woman in the northwestern province of Bursa has said she forgave her daughter-in-law after she killed her son and did not file a complaint against her, daily Habertürk has reported.

Hacer İlikmen said she pardoned her son Suat İlikmen’s wife because she had similar experiences with her own husband, Suat’s father, who she had divorced years ago on grounds of irreconcilable differences. 

“I was married twice before. My first husband was Suat’s father. I suffered very much from him. He did not beat me up but he was involved in illegal works and was a drug addict. So when I saw my daughter-in-law in court, I chose to stay silent because I experienced similar issues with my first husband. I hesitated to file against her,” she said.

Hacer İlikmen said her son and his wife, only identified as Elif, met in a hospital and were getting along well with each other.  

She said her son and daughter-in-law were both drug addicts, adding that their relationship was worsening after Suat could not find a job.

The mother urged both of them to get divorced if they could not mend their relationship. The couple, however, ignored her help.

After a while, the couple’s fights mounted and they started to neglect their two-year-old son, the mother said. 

İlikmen said she noticed that her son and his wife’s relationship had deteriorated after he called her and said they were at a police station due to a fight that occurred between them.
İlikmen said her daughter-in-law had killed her son one night after they exchanged obscene words.

“They used drugs that night, too. They started to argue in a room in the flat. They used obscene language with each other. I tried to break their fight but I failed. We wanted to call and inform the police, but my son rejected. He said he was going to bed. They seemed like they calmed down. When we were in the bedroom and we heard a scream. Elif had stabbed my son. I wish I died instead of my son,” she said.

İlikmen said her daughter-in-law had made one mistake and that it was to remain married with him.

“A court gave a suspension order to my son. I said to my daughter-in-law that she should divorce. But she did not listen to me. I was planning to send my son to a drug rehabilitation center,” she said.

İlikmen’s statements, however, also revealed another tragedy. Elif’s sister, Emriye İlikmen, is married to Suat’s brother.  

Emriye İlikmen said she was trapped in a difficult situation, stating that her sister was not guilty, but had lost herself when she committed murder.   

“Let’s look at it from my side. My sister killed her husband. I am married with the victim’s brother and we are living in the same house. They are all throwing the burden on me. They are leaving a last option for me, and that is to get a divorce and leave Bursa. I am thinking of what my end would be. I am exhausted,” she said.    

Meanwhile, a court ordered 15 years in jail for Elif İlikmen.