Turkish soldier accused of incest with daughters

Turkish soldier accused of incest with daughters

Turkish soldier accused of incest with daughters

The incident was revealed after one of the victims told her teacher about the ongoing abuse. Hürriyet stock photo

A non-commissioned officer and his wife have been arrested on charges of having sexual relationships with their two daughters in the Anatolian province of Tokat.

The incident was revealed after a teacher in the Zile district of Tokat noticed bruises on a 16-year-old student. The girl first told the teacher her father was beating her, but then revealed that she and her sister were being forced into incestious acts with her parents.

The teacher immediately notified the school administration and judicial authorities. Police conducted a search at non-commissioned officer V.B.'s residence, where they have found nearly 100 CDs containing videos of V.B. and his wife H.B. engaging in violent sex acts with their 19 and 16-year-old daughters.

Police have seized numerous sex toys, whips, sadomasochistic magazines and leather outfits as evidence.

It is claimed that the couple had forced their 19-year-old daughter into having sex with them for six years, and their 16-year-old daughter for three years.

V.B. reportedly had tattoos of his daughters' names on his body and it was claimed that he had forced his 19-year-old daughter to drop out of the university she was attending in another city because he "longed for her."

The suspect refused the allegations during a questioning by Zile public prosecutor, saying he "only beat them up."

The prosecutor showed V.B. the CDs found in his apartment and asked "What are these CDs? You have an archive here." V.B. replied he was not feeling well and refused to answer any questions.

However, V.B.'s wife H.B. explained in detail the incestous relationship they had conducted with their daughters. When the prosecutor asked why she did not notify the authorities, she replied "I was afraid he [V.B.] would kill me."

A court arrested the couple on charges of "child sexual abuse and violence." V.B. was sent to Sivas Military Prison, while H.B. was placed in Zile Prison.

The governorship of Tokat province has placed the two girls under state protection.

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