Traditional and contemporary art of weaving at new exhibition

Traditional and contemporary art of weaving at new exhibition

Traditional and contemporary art of weaving at new exhibition

Istanbul’s Anna Laudel Gallery is presenting a group exhibition titled “Tapestry - Woven Tales,” featuring a considered selection of tapestry by emerging and acclaimed artists.

The exhibition, which opened on April 11, showcases works of 15 artists from different artistic and cultural backgrounds, reflecting the development of weaving art in Turkey.

The art of weaving reflects centuries of labor and cultural heritage, but it has only recently been used as a form of expression in Turkish contemporary art.

The exhibition gives viewers a chance to see a carefully curated combination of traditional and contemporary weaving techniques, featuring works by artists including Gülçin Aksoy, Özdemir Altan, Mustafa Aslıer, Belkıs Balpınar, Ramazan Can, Devrim Erbil, Renk Erbil Martin, Fırat Neziroğlu, Zekai Ormancı, Suhandan Özay Demirkan, Ayla Salman Görüney, M. Latif Taraşlı, Tulga Tollu, Hanefi Yeter and Jale Yılmabaşar.

“Tapestry - Woven Tales” presents widely-known classic tapestries as well as new works of the participating artists which will be presented for the first time. The exhibition will reflect the architectural and historical features of the gallery building and spreads across three floors.

Participating artists tend to narrate their own personal stories, and their main sources of inspiration mainly include nature, geography and culture. When these traditional techniques are combined with contemporary aesthetics, tapestries offer viewers a unique opportunity to delve into the artists’ creative experience. It is possible to witness these common traditional themes and creative moments in the works of participating artists at the exhibition.

Among the artists in the exhibition, Aksoy, who has been weaving with students in her carpet workshop since 1990 and supporting young generations in this area, takes part with one of her previous works.

Considered one of the leading artists of abstract art, Altan creates a unique style against all the accepted rules of light, depth and color applications. He shows his tapestries with geometric elements in different sizes and colors.

Aslıer, who passed away in 2015, was an artist known for his engravings and illustrations. The exhibition features his symbolic carpets and rugs, picturing human figures by using nature and schematic elements.

Known as the pioneer of the field called “art kilim” with her works made by using the traditional rug texture in a contemporary context, Balpınar presents her new and recent works.

Inspired by the old Anatolian tradition of Shamanism, rituals and totems, Can builds a bridge between the past and the present both in terms of different techniques and content that he uses.

Reflecting on the architectural silhouette, herd of birds and coastal impressions of Istanbul in his works, Erbil, one of the masters of painting in Turkey, exhibits the works that will be seen in this exhibition for the first time. Known for his efforts for reviving carpet culture in Turkey, the famous painter will also present his woven paintings.

Ormancı, who died in 2008, is one of the leading figures of the “modern abstract” tradition. Known for his works based on different compositional aesthetics and his visual metaphors, the artist showcases his tapestry works that contain abstract elements in the exhibition.

One of the leading names in modern fiber art, Demirkan produces two-and-three-dimensional works with traditional textile techniques and materials.

Turkey’s first female ceramics professor, Yılmabaşar has been involved in numerous national and international exhibitions in addition to her academic achievements. Focusing on textile-weaving in the last years of her art career, the artist stands out in the exhibition with her works with unique design motifs.

Bringing together the unique examples of weaving art, the exhibition aims to enhance weaving as an art form, present it to a wider audience and create new dialogues within contemporary art with this exhibition.

“Tapestry - Woven Tales” will be on display until May 24.