‘Siberian winter’ forecast as weather warning issued for western Turkey

‘Siberian winter’ forecast as weather warning issued for western Turkey

‘Siberian winter’ forecast as weather warning issued for western Turkey

The freezing cold snap affecting the Balkans will hit Turkey starting Jan. 5. AA Photo

It might be the perfect time to take out the woolen clothes, snow boots and thick winter coats as Turkey is bracing for blizzards and freezing temperatures, according to meteorologists.

A new cold wave from the Balkans and Black Sea will hit Turkey starting on Jan. 5, meteorologists have said, and icy conditions will prevail in the western parts of the country.

The Meteorology Office has warned about intense snowfall and ice, as well as Siberian cold throughout the week. Temperatures are expected to drop between 8 and 12 degrees Celsius, with frost expected during the nights.

Mercury to hit minus 16

Low temperatures may reach minus 10 degrees in the Marmara and Aegean regions, the office has said.

Describing the wave as a “Siberian express,” meteorologist Mikdat Kadıoğlu said that the mercury in Thrace and Istanbul would likely show freezing temperatures of minus 16 degrees.

Blizzards affected the Thracian region on New Year’s Eve, but didn’t reach Istanbul.

Experts have warned that the new cold spell could be particularly severe. Strong wind and snowstorms that could potentially disrupt sea and even air traffic in Istanbul are also expected starting Jan. 6.
Kadıoğlu said the blizzard could potentially blanket Istanbul.

Intense snowfalls are predicted in Thrace and northwestern regions between Eskişehir and Bolu. Transportation between Istanbul and the capital Ankara may also be disrupted, expert have warned.  
Snow may move to the rest of Anatolia and the Black Sea coast in the north after Jan. 7, they said.

Eastern parts of Anatolia, which experience a continental climate with cold and snowy winters, saw their first batch of snow earlier last month.