Men involved in more traffic accidents, data shows

Men involved in more traffic accidents, data shows

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Men involved in more traffic accidents, data shows

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The vast majority of the 171,768 drivers who were involved in traffic accidents last year were men, according to new data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK).

Last year 161,906 men – or 94 percent of the total number of drivers who had accidents – were involved in the 110,803 accidents that occurred in 2011. Just 9,862 of the drivers were women.

Ultimately, the accidents resulted in 2,582 deaths and 194,149 injuries according to numbers prepared by TÜİK with assistance from the Police Department and the Gendarmerie General Command.

Among the drivers, 2,868 men and 62 women were involved in the accidents resulting in death, while 159,038 men and 9,800 women were involved in those resulting in injury. In these accidents, 953 male and 22 female drivers lost their lives, while 73,857 male and 4,882 female drivers sustained injuries.

Some 8,000 of the drivers were graduates of elementary school, 52,006 were middle school graduates, 17,000 graduated from secondary school graduates, 33,000 graduated from high school, while 16,000 university graduates were involved in an accident in 2011.

Some 4,263 drivers caused accidents after entering into the oncoming lane of traffic, 3,041 drivers did so after running a red light, while 2,344 failed to heed a no-entry sign.