High security measures taken at historic democracy rally

High security measures taken at historic democracy rally

High security measures taken at historic democracy rally

DHA photo

Turkish security forces took high security measures at a historic democracy rally on Aug. 7 that was aimed at uniting the nation after a failed coup attempt to topple the government on July 15. 

A total of 15,000 police officers, including policemen from the special forces unit, stood guard for the rally which was held at Istanbul’s Yenikapı neighborhood. 

Some 13,000 civilian attendants and detector dogs were also present at the venue, where the joint democracy rally brought an end to three weeks of demonstrations following the failed takeover.

While Coast Guard and marine police forces patrolled off the shore of Yenikapı, which is located on the European continent of the city, two police choppers also conducted patrols from above the event venue. 

Apart from Coast Guard vessels, warships belonging to the Turkish marine police also came to Yenikapı at 1 p.m. on Aug. 7. 

Due to the ban on flying choppers and drones over Istanbul after the failed toppling attempt, no aerial photographs could be taken. 

A total of 728 healthcare personnel were present at the Yenikapı rally area and were accompanied by 102 land ambulances, including one sea and helicopter ambulance each. Another 20 fire brigade trucks were also kept at the ready. 

Participants at the rally entered the venue from three main entrances, where 165 metal detectors were set up, while a special entrance was organized for citizens with disabilities. 

Vehicles were not permitted either inside or around the rally venue, while police officers also barred peddlers from entering the zone and selling their goods. 

No guns, explosive or flammable materials were permitted inside the zone, even if they had a license. 

Forces from the police headquarters were not given permission to deploy tear gas, with only anti-riot police having the right to use the gas, if necessary.

Meanwhile, Kenan Sofuoğlu, a Turkish world superstar professional motorcycle racer, joined the rally, arriving with his motorbike.