Doğan Group responds to recent broadcasts by Turkuaz Media Group

Doğan Group responds to recent broadcasts by Turkuaz Media Group

Doğan Group responds to recent broadcasts by Turkuaz Media Group A statement issued by Deputy Manager of Corporate Communications Ahter Kutadgu on behalf of Doğan Group is as follows:

1. The news commentary titled “Here are the financiers of betrayal,” published by daily Sabah on March 4, 2016, is a new example of distortion in the publishing business. 

Mr. Aydın Doğan joined Yeni Gün Holding, which was established by the Cumhuriyet Association, in the capacity of Newspaper Owners’ Association head in 2002 by purchasing 500 stocks for 30,000 Turkish Liras. This happened in the form of minor support to enable the newspaper’s economic sustainability and aimed to demonstrate professional solidarity following a request by the late İlhan Selçuk, who was then the manager of daily Cumhuriyet.

The fact that Aydın Doğan has 500 stocks, which amounts to some 4.5 per thousand shares at Yeni Gün Holding, is proof of the symbolic nature of this contribution. Aydın Doğan has no financial, economic or managerial relations with Cumhuriyet newspaper beyond this contribution. 

Presenting Aydın Doğan as a person who shapes daily Cumhuriyet’s editorial policy and reporting is nothing more than an unsubstantial and laughable allegation when the facts are clear. 

It should clearly be known that just as the editorial policies and reporting of Doğan Group and daily Cumhuriyet bear no similarities, they have no administrative relations either. Even considering this possibility is a waste of time. 

2. The news story aired on the A Haber show “Gece Ajansı” [Night Agency] on March 3, 2016, is a similar distortion. 

According to A Haber, the aforementioned TV channel was fined 22,500 Turkish Liras by the Radio and Television Supreme Council (RTÜK) for broadcasting some statements of Mr. President [Recep Tayyip Erdoğan]. In fact, the leading motive of our complaint to RTÜK was a statement by program guest Mehmet Metiner on Mr. Aydın Doğan. “We know how to rip his fingernails and teeth, he will know his place,” were among Metiner’s vulgar and transgressive remarks. Neither Mr. Aydın Doğan nor Doğan Media Group would have a hostile or disrespectful attitude towards our president, and that manner of broadcasting would not be in line with our publishing principles. 

We would hereby like to remind that RTÜK fined our group’s company, Kanal D, a total 5,403,905 Turkish Liras and issued three warnings against it between [the beginning of] 2015 and February 2016.
It is natural and rightful for each television station to have complaints against RTÜK decisions. However, it is unacceptable to convey these complaints by distorting truths and producing unreasonable and unconscientious excuses. 

3. The attempts by Turkuaz media, and some other media companies following its lead, to distort facts in order to create the impression of an enmity, struggle or dispute between Mr. President and our group is a plot that is in conflict with the professional codes of ethics. As Doğan Media Group, we will never descend to the level they have been trying to drag us to. We wish to make it known that the fight against all kinds of lies, slander and distortion is a must for independent publishing.