Court rulings top issue in panel's box of complaints

Court rulings top issue in panel's box of complaints

Court rulings top issue in panels box of complaints

Complaints about subjective manners and procedures in prisons comes in second place among applications to Parliament’s Human Rights Commission. DAILY NEWS photo, Selahattin SÖNMEZ

A breakdown of the applications to Parliament’s Human Rights Commission shows that the majority of complaints the commission receives stem from dissatisfaction with court decisions, followed by prison conditions, complaints of torture, maltreatment during military service and mobbing.

An activity report on Parliament’s Human Rights Commission covering the 24th term’s first and second legislation years was recently issued and stated a total of 4,074 applications have been filed to the commission between June 12, 2011 and Sept. 27, 2011.

During this time, dissatisfaction regarding court decisions topped the list with 612 applications. Complaints about subjective manners and procedures in prisons came in second place with 345 respective applications. Demands for transfers in prisons were in the third place with 189 applications.

Prison conditions

The commission also received several complaints about issues in prisons, justice, military service, universities, civil servant problems, applications that were not processed, labor problems, practices of security forces, property issues, problems stemming from terror, problems of the handicapped and problems of Turks living abroad.

Leading the issues on compulsory military service were maltreatment and torture experienced during service with 53 applications.

Problems stemming from terror were about murder and injury incidents inflicted by the terror organization with 20 applicants. The number of applications on unresolved murders and losses was two.

The number of applications submitted to the commission on torture was 14, while there were three applications about death occurring while in detention.

There were 25 applications to the human rights commission on being fired from jobs. On headscarf issues, there were three applications while there were 17 applications on working hours and overtime pay. Mobbing issues received 17 applications. There was also one demand for a rise on salary.
One application was demand for home care. There were nine complaints on student issues. The Higher Education Board (YÖK) received four complaints.

A total of 27 people asked for an occupation, one person asked for housing and five applied for health treatments by applying to the commission.

Also 17 people applied due to family problems and 29 people asked for a solution for their financial problems.