Condom crisis erupts in university campus

Condom crisis erupts in university campus

ANTALYA - Hürriyet
Condom crisis erupts in university campus

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An AIDS awareness campaign that distributed condoms to students in a university campus in Antalya was condemned by a student organization, Hürriyet reported.

National Student Union (MTTB) expressed strong feelings against the campaign, sparking a clash of opposing views.  

"The way to avoid AIDS is not through condoms," head of MTTB Antalya said. "It is through moral development."

The organization further claimed the campaign encouraged university students to engage in "immoral" sex.

"By distributing condoms, we tell our young brothers and sisters they can have sex without any setbacks," the MTTB head said.

The organization instead suggested fighting AIDS through providing accommodation to couples already married or planning to do so.

"We have a moral problem here,” the MTTB head said. “There have been no AIDS cases in the regular sexual lives of married couples."