Bride among 12 injured in brawl over jewelry at wedding in Turkey’s north

Bride among 12 injured in brawl over jewelry at wedding in Turkey’s north

Bride among 12 injured in brawl over jewelry at wedding in Turkey’s north

Twelve people, including the bride, were injured after a brawl that erupted over jewelry during a wedding ceremony in the Black Sea province of Samsun on Oct. 22, Doğan News Agency has reported.

The wedding of Bilgin Akhan and Duru Akhan took place in the İlkadım district of Samsun five days after their engagement.

However, a brawl erupted at the wedding between the two families after the bride’s family took all of the jewelry presented to the groom during the ceremony.

The bride and another 11 people from both families sustained light injuries in the brawl.

The bride was initially transferred to the Samsun Education and Research Hospital before eventually being taken to the Gazi State Hospital. Others injured in the melee were taken to various hospitals around the province.

Police have reportedly detained a number of people over the brawl.

The groom has blamed the relatives of his bride for the brawl, saying the incident was sparked after they wrongly claimed the jewelry would stay with them after the wedding.   

Akhan claimed he had been “defrauded” by the bride’s family and said he would file for divorce “after receiving back his money and jewelry.”

Akhan also stated that he only met with the bride around 20 days ago through one of his relatives.