Ankara police’s Gezi Park proceedings a ‘witch-hunt’: Turkish bar head

Ankara police’s Gezi Park proceedings a ‘witch-hunt’: Turkish bar head

Ankara police’s Gezi Park proceedings a ‘witch-hunt’: Turkish bar head

Metin Feyzioğlu (C) says the recent report is directly directed against the rule of law. DHA photo

The Union of Turkish Bar Associations (TBB) has slammed a summary of proceedings on the Gezi Park events prepared by the Ankara Police Department, warning against a “witch-hunt.”

“This report is directly elaborated against civil society, the rule of law and democracy. It is a shameful document for democracy,” TBB’s Chairman Metin Feyzioğlu told reporters today during a press statement.

The report said the protests were incited by a number of media networks and non-governmental groups, including Ankara Bar Association, and labeled them as “anti-government.”

“Protecting the constitutional rights of those who have been exposed to police violence is the responsibility and the duty of bars,” he said, demanding legal action against the officials who prepared the document. “We are warning: If they are thinking to initiate a witch-hunt against lawyers, they will not succeed.”

Journalists have also strongly reacted to the accusations contained in the summary of proceedings.

“The content of this document is a crime. The prosecution should reject it and open an investigation about those who prepared it,” the Progressive Journalists Association (ÇGD) said in a statement.

BBC, CNN and The Economist also ‘responsible’

In the summary of proceedings submitted to the prosecutors, Ankara police said that “terrorist groups provoked the people,” turning the demonstrations into an attempt “to occupy the Prime Minister’s Office.” 

“Anti-government media networks, journalists, nongovernmental organizations, supporter groups, artists and marginal groups have incited and guided the demonstrations,” the documents said, adding that foreign media outlets such as CNN, BBC and the Economist were also “responsible.”

The Gezi Park events, which have continued for more than a month, have left four dead and dozens of people seriously injured due to police’s heavy-handed interventions against demonstrations.