Anatolian side to leave minibuses

Anatolian side to leave minibuses

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
Anatolian side to leave minibuses The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is preparing to abolish minibus routes operating between the Kartal and Kadıköy neighborhoods on the Asian side of Istanbul after an underground line between these locations is opened.

Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbaş said the municipality would hold an opening ceremony for the metro line on Aug. 17. “We are not banning minibus transportation. We need minibuses to manage transportation between close destinations. But minibuses will no longer operate on major arterial roads,” Topbaş said.

He said the municipality had been cooperating with minibus drivers’ chambers on the subject, adding that they had been in agreement about the new regulation so far.

“We are planning to replace some of the minibus lines with bus lines. And we are offering them a choice. If they want to continue driving minibuses they will be transferred to other minibus lines, if they want to keep their current operation lines they will be employed as municipality bus drivers.”

The new regulation will also enact a passenger limit on minibuses, which are known to exceed their capacity.