Amanos Mountains to open to ecotourism

Amanos Mountains to open to ecotourism

Amanos Mountains to open to ecotourism

Following Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu’s statements on Amanos Mountains in Türkiye’s south that it has been cleared of terrorists, the region is expected to be opened to ecotourism, according to the Regional Directorate of Forestry.

The Amanos Mountains, in which the security forces have actively struggled against the PKK since 1992, has been completely cleared of the terrorism.

The people residing in the southern province of Hatay are now able to visit the mountains, which attracts attention with its endemic plant species, wildlife, streams, ponds and waterfalls.

Ali Özdemir, the head of the regional directorate of forestry stated that his directorate planned to initiate a project regarding the ecotourism in the region, adding that they will be able to provide employment thanks to the ecotourism activities.

“The region hosts so many undiscovered natural beauties which even we are seeing some of them for the first time. We want to bring these places to our people,” Özdemir said.

Pointing out that there are six honey forests waiting to be discovered in the Amanos mountains, Özdemir noted that they aim to contribute to the recognition and tourism potential of the region with the project.

“In these honey forests, our beekeepers will be able to put their hives. We plant various types of plants where bees can get nectar. We want to contribute to increase honey production,” he explained.

Another project regarding a honey forest in the Fırnız region was also initiated, he noted.