'World's most expensive petrol' record demanded for Turkey

'World's most expensive petrol' record demanded for Turkey

Worlds most expensive petrol record demanded for Turkey

A worker holds up a fuel pump nozzle after filling up the tank of a car at a petrol station in Cairo. Reuters photo

A Turkish citizen has applied to the Guinness Book of World Records, claiming to consume the most expensive petrol in the world, Enis Tayman from daily Radikal has reported.

"We are consuming the world's most expensive petrol. Our prices areeven more expensive than Norway's, a country of prosperity. I've just completed my application. It is better to wait for the results before talking further," said applicant Ömer Faruk Sönmez.

A liter of fuel in Turkey costs 4.82 Turkish Liras, while one liter of diesel is 4.36 liras.