Workshops discuss Beyoğlu

Workshops discuss Beyoğlu

Workshops discuss Beyoğlu

Salt aims to discuss the problems at Beyoğlu district with the series of workshops examining specific case studies.

SALT Beyoğlu is currently running a series of workshops examining specific case studies in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district, titled “Making of Beyoğlu.”

In collaboration with Rotterdam-based Bureau Venhuizen, the project seeks to deconstruct proposed changes to Beyoğlu in an open dialogue with participants of different backgrounds.

For centuries, spatial planning has been conducted behind closed doors by professionals of the planning discipline. There are, however, countless people interested in and affected by the processes designed to initiate change in the urban order. It is with this understanding that today’s urban planning approach has begun to employ in its processes the principles of participation and inclusion.

The Making Of Beyoğlu invites participants to reconsider projects currently being planned in Beyoğlu, all of which have the potential to significantly transform the area. As part of the exhibition, examples of spatial planning projects will be discussed within the framework of “The Making Of,” concept development workshops designed by Hans Venhuizen in the form of games. These workshops aim to encourage open communication and creative thinking among parties that will be affected, in a variety of ways, by processes of spatial change.

 The eight workshops organized for The Making Of Beyoğlu are covering four topics in Turkish and English, and are accompanied by a series of eight conferences addressing key concepts like cultural heritage and consumption. The contents of the exhibition will be initially formed by workshop topics in the context of urban practices.