Twitter reports 'access issues' in Turkey after attack

Twitter reports 'access issues' in Turkey after attack

SAN FRANCISCO – Agence France-Presse
Twitter reports access issues in Turkey after attack

People wheel a wounded man at the site of an explosion in Ankara on Oct 10. AP photo

Many users in Turkey were unable to access Twitter on Oct. 10, the social networking site said, after at least 95 people were killed in the capital Ankara in twin bombings.

It was not immediately clear if the problem was related to the attack, but the Turkish government has moved before to block or limit social media sites - including Twitter - at sensitive times, prompting accusations of censorship.

"Users in Turkey are reporting issues accessing Twitter in many areas. We're investigating and hope full service will be restored soon," Twitter's @policy account tweeted in English and Turkish.

In July, a Turkish court ordered a ban on publishing images of a deadly suicide bombing near the border with Syria on all print, visual and online media, including Twitter.

Turkey's parliament in April approved legislation to tighten control over the Internet by allowing the government to block websites without prior judicial authorization.

The government had blocked Twitter and YouTube in March 2014.