Turkish President Gül urges gov’t to re-calibrate Syria policy

Turkish President Gül urges gov’t to re-calibrate Syria policy

Turkish President Gül urges gov’t to re-calibrate Syria policy

President Abdullah Gül addresses to Turkish ambassadors convened in Ankara, Jan. 14. AA photo

Turkey should re-calibrate its Syrian diplomacy and security policies in the face of realities, President Abdullah Gül urged Jan. 14 in his address to Turkish ambassadors convened in Ankara for an annual conference. 

“The key for the settlement of both internal and external issues is common sense, collective mind, dialogue and the empathy. I am of the opinion that we should re-calibrate our diplomacy and security policies given these facts in the south of our country and given the threat perception of (political) centers around us,” Gül advised. Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu was also present during Gül’s speech. 

“We are pondering what to do for the realization of a win-win situation in the region; the way for that is patience, calmness, insistence and when necessary silent diplomacy. But I believe difficulties could be overcome through diplomacy and I am confident that Turkey is playing and will play very important roles thanks to its rooted tradition of diplomacy and diplomats,” he said. 

Drawing attention that Turkey is on the brink of a new era in its region where unprecedented cross enmities are being observed, Gül said “Today’s situation, however, represents a lose-lose scenario for each state, regime and people of the region. Unfortunately we see there are no magic formulas to reverse this picture.” 

The countries which could solve internal problems have better foreign policy performances, Gül stated, recalling U.S. diplomat Richard Haass’ book titled “Foreign Policy Begins at Home.” “I always say we, and other friendly countries, should tidy their houses and those who will do that will be more powerful.”