Turkish National Agency pledges to keep Erasmus program

Turkish National Agency pledges to keep Erasmus program

Sevil Erkuş ANKARA
Turkish National Agency pledges to keep Erasmus program

The Erasmus student exchange program has come under fire from some pro-government commentators, who claim that it promotes moral degeneracy. DHA Photo

The Turkish National Agency has pledged to continue the Erasmus exchange student program, which has recently been the subject of public debate in Turkey.

“Our country, as it did before, will keep benefiting from Erasmus, which prepares young people for the future and assists them in having a voice in the international arena” a written statement issued by the agency read on Sept. 29.

For the last 10 years, Erasmus has made significant contributions to Turkish students’ academic and professional progress, read the statement, adding that the program had also helped in overcoming the European Union’s prejudices, given publicity to Turkey and had enhance cultural proximity.

The statement came after a public debate was sparked by Yusuf Kaplan, a pro-government daily Yeni Şafak columnist, regarding the exchange program. Kaplan asked the government to reconsider supporting the Erasmus program, arguing that it was “not a project for education, but a project to raise foolish droves who pursue degeneration, sexuality and idolize sexuality.”

His comments came after an EU report revealed that the exchange scheme had brought many couples together from around Europe and has led to the birth of an estimated 1 million babies.