Turkish defense sector ‘unique opportunity for NATO’

Turkish defense sector ‘unique opportunity for NATO’

Turkish defense sector ‘unique opportunity for NATO’

The Turkish defense industry infrastructure is now ready to meet the needs of not only Türkiye but also its allies, the head of the Defense Industries Presidency has stated.

In a post on his social media account, Haluk Görgün said the Turkish defense industry participated in the NATO Summit Defense Industry Forum, which took place as part of the NATO Summit of Heads of State and Government in Washington, D.C.

He noted that the Turkish delegation continued to hold important meetings and negotiations at the forum, which was organized with the aim of further strengthening NATO's deterrence and defense.

"As Türkiye, we consider these meetings and forums, which will create important opportunities to further strengthen the capabilities of our country and our allies, as very important,” Görgün said.

“Our defense industry infrastructure, which we have built with great sacrifices as a result of the impact of our geography and historical lessons learned over the years, is ready to meet the needs not only of our country but also of our allies. Our defense industrial workforce offers a unique opportunity for NATO in terms of both quality and cost,” he added.

Görgün emphasized that Türkiye is a "great and respected" member of NATO.

"Our defense industry, the rising star of our strengthening Türkiye, will continue to maintain its presence at the most strategic points in the most powerful way. I hope that the summit will be a blessing for all mankind, especially for our country."

The Turkish defense industry has exported 230 products to 185 countries over the past 10 years, The industry’s exports stood at only $248 million in 2002, steadily climbing up to $4.36 billion in 2022.

Four Turkish companies, Aselsan, Baykar, TUSAŞ and Roketsan, are on SIPRI’s top 100 defense companies list.