Turkish Coffee goes on tour with a team

Turkish Coffee goes on tour with a team

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
Turkish Coffee goes on tour with a team

The volunteers of the bus will promote Turkish coffee in Turkey and Europe.

The Mobile Turkish Coffee House team has started the first leg of its European tour to promote Turkish coffee culture in Istanbul. The project is the work of volunteers from the Turkayfe.org website.

Volunteers offered Turkish coffee to guests at the Martı Hotel, where the Marka Istanbul Conference is being held. The team will continue the European tour around Istanbul, offering people Turkish coffee.

In an attempt to promote Turkish coffee and culture, the team is making its European tour with the slogan “Turkish coffee: the taste of friendship for 500 years.” The founder of Turkayfe.org and the Mobile Turkish Coffee House, Gizem Salcigil White, said they wanted to introduce Turkish coffee to Europe after presenting the drink to Americans. “The culture of coffee and the coffeehouse extended to Europe 500 years ago. We will revive this story,” she said.

White said they had prepared a three-week schedule including Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands starting May 11.

“We will begin the tour in the Netherlands and go on to Belgium. We will stay at the European Union Parliament in Brussels for a week and continue the tour in Germany,” she said.