Turkish business group TÜSİAD raises concerns over freedoms

Turkish business group TÜSİAD raises concerns over freedoms

Turkish business group TÜSİAD raises concerns over freedoms The Turkish Industry and Business Association (TÜSİAD), one of the leading business organizations in the country, has raised concerns about freedoms in the country following the arrest of main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) deputy Enis Berberoğlu.

“Recent probes into an increasing number of academics, politicians, media managers and writers, as well as cases of arrest pending trial and the prohibition of international internet sites, are creating a sense that we are regressing in terms of being a society of freedoms,” it said in a statement on June 15.

“The most effective sources for Turkey’s global strength in the fields of politics and economy are its features of being a democratic state of law and a society of freedoms,” it read.

The group also stated that the trust in justice, which is an “inseparable principle for a modern democracy,” has been damaged.

“In our democratic achievements, we must not go backwards in all areas of freedom, especially freedom of expression, the press and rule of law,” it read.

The country should not only continue its rightful struggle against terrorism and take measures for the security of the people, but it should also secure freedom of thought, press, expression and the right to engage in politics, according to TÜSİAD.

“We are living through a period where we need a more attentive approach by our state and judiciary to protect and glorify our democracy and human rights, which are the most important achievements in our history. Security and freedom are not contradictory, but complementary priorities. Acting with such consciousness has a key importance in terms of our democracy values, our national interests and our global competitive power,” it said.