Turkey, Russia dig deep to study Siberian pre-history

Turkey, Russia dig deep to study Siberian pre-history

MOSCOW- Anadolu Agency
Turkey, Russia dig deep to study Siberian pre-history

Turkish and Russian scientists are studying the prehistoric period of Siberia through joint excavations.

Experts from Turkey's Dokuz Eylul University and Russia's Irkutsk State University are heading excavations being carried out between Yenisei and Lena Rivers.

The Siberia Research Project was started recently in order to access new information on the archaeology of Siberian prehistory, which is not well known.

Semih Güneri, head of the Caucasia and Central Asia Archaeology Research Center of Dokuz Eylül University, told Anadolu Agency, the project aims to understand the earliest era of the region's archaeology and Turkish history in the Far East.

He said the joint effort with Irkutsk University was agreed upon after several meetings since 2017.

The region's archaeology is drawing the attention of Westerners in the last two decades, however, the difficult land conditions deter the researchers, Güneri said.

Güneri said two Turkish PhD candidates who are accompanying him have started common excavations with Russian researchers in the area.

"Our work is not easy at all. In August, the temperature will fall below zero in the evening," he said.

Güneri added that their work in Angara-Baikal area, which will last for 12 weeks, has started.