Truffaz returns with eclectic jazz

Truffaz returns with eclectic jazz

ISTANBUL- Hürriyet Daily News
Truffaz returns with eclectic jazz

Erik Truffaz will take the stage on Dec 16 at Tamirane. According to Truffaz, Turkish audiences are good and lively but somewhat noisy. ‘Because of this, we we will need to adapt our repertoire,’ he says.

Infusing elements of hip hop, rock and dance into his music, French jazz trumpeter Erik Truffaz is returning to Istanbul for another eagerly awaited show Dec. 16 at Tamirane.

Truffaz will be joined by Benoit Corboz for the upcoming show. “He has been playing with us for two years; he also did the mixing for all the projects,” said Truffaz.

Truffaz likes to discover new things and new sounds, and he is constantly renewing his style. Ultimately, “you can cook everything if you have good taste, but you should always be always delicate with it,” he said.

Truffaz also has a collective project, which is called the Erik Truffaz Quartet. “With this band, we compose together, and we did six studio albums and one live one on Blue Note,” he said.
The musician said he also had side projects, such as Murcof, Indien Project, Paris Tour with Sly Johnson and Philippe Garcia.

“We explored many territories and different styles, and I can tell this team is working,” he said in reference to the quartet. “We have a land of identity, good bass riff and good melody.”

Truffaz said he thought Turkish audiences were good and lively but somewhat noisy. Because of this, “we will need to adapt our repertoire.”

For Truffaz, Istanbul is a special city. “I love Istanbul for many things, it’s between Asia and Europe – the view from the hotel could be one of the best in the world,” he said, adding that Turkish people were nice. “[Istanbul] is a historic town.”

Without hesitation, Truffaz said he could live in Istanbul. “It is a poetic city.”
Turkey also has marvelous and talented musicians, such as İlhan Erşahin and his Istanbul Sessions band, Truffaz said.

Truffaz and his music
Truffaz gained international attention with his second album on Blue Note, “The Dawn,” which he produced together with Pat Muller, Marcello Giuliani and Mark Erbetta. Since then, they have produced many Blue Note albums together such as “Bending New Corners,” which became a Silver Album in France. “Arkhangelsk,” a 2007 release, is a mixture of pop songs, French chanson, and jazz-groove. In 2007 he and Ed Harcourt appeared in a Take-Away Show video session shot by Vincent Moon.

All in all, Truffaz has collaborated with countless musicians, and his musical style has led him to follow his instincts.

Truffaz’s sounds sometimes may appear hesitant while at other times, he lets his audience discover his musical conception. It is also possible to experience the bold sounds in his music.

The trumpeter constantly explores new musical languages as well as styles, and the collaborations reveal the power that he has in terms of creating and exploring.

As a musician, Truffaz helps his audience explore and discover what he reveals to them on stage.