Swiss-Indian joint agri-food venture invests in Turkey

Swiss-Indian joint agri-food venture invests in Turkey

ANKARA- Anadolu Agency
Swiss-Indian joint agri-food venture invests in Turkey

Pioneering Ventures, a Swiss-Indian food and technology platform company, is entering the Turkish market with its subsidiary DistriCo Anatolia.

Adopting technology-based agriculture such as hydroponic farming and smart greenhouses, the company's newly-established affiliate DistriCo Anatolia will introduce its flagship brand Happy Bananas to Turkey.

Majid Dolatkhah, CEO of DistriCo Anatolia, underlined that top quality banana varieties are increasingly in demand.

"What is more important that consumers can also scan a QR code to trace the bananas they purchase in order to have information such as where the bananas were produced," he said.

Marco Klinge, CEO of Desai Fruits Venture - one of the Pioneering Ventures group companies and India's largest fruit producers and exporters - said: "The shipping to Turkey will begin in January. The bananas will be offered to Turkish consumers in all cities from January 2021."

"Our 'Happy Fruits' are so popular in all markets we enter. We are confident that it will be the same in Turkey," he added.

Pioneering Ventures founder and CEO Ron Pal also said: "We look forward to strengthening our presence in Turkey with a variety of sustainable high-quality food products."

Pioneering Ventures controls the supply chain from field to table, reaching 1.5 million consumers with 450 tons of healthy food production per day.