Supreme Election Council delegation in quake zone

Supreme Election Council delegation in quake zone

Supreme Election Council delegation in quake zone

While the Supreme Election Council (YSK) has not yet announced whether the election date will be changed in the wake of the earthquake disaster, they have sent a delegation to the quake zone to ensure that the elections will be held safely.

The delegation has arrived in the quake-stricken provinces, and they will conduct a three-day study to identify shortages of election materials, such as polling stations, ballot boxes, seals and voting booths, and determine alternative areas to replace public buildings that are not suitable for people to vote in.

In the aftermath of the earthquake disasters that directly affected the country’s 11 provinces, the council is discussing how to hold elections in the quake region safely and with the highest number of voters.

According to the information obtained, the council is working on different ideas for citizens who migrated to other provinces due to the quakes, citizens who are temporarily settled in hotels and dormitories, and citizens who are sheltered in tents and container cities.

The council will ensure that all voters will be able to vote during the elections.

Those residing in tent cities established in the quake zones will be able to cast their votes in the tent city where they are located through numbering and neighborhood matching by the Civil Registration Directorate.