Show captures 20th century in photos

Show captures 20th century in photos

Show captures 20th century in photos

Alfred Hitchcock is seen through the objective of photographer Ara Güler.

Photographer Ara Güler will open an exhibit displaying photographs of many renowned figures from the 20th century such as Alfred Hitchcock, Salvador Dali and Nazım Hikmet. Güler’s exhibition consists of writers and artists who have influenced the 20th century and will be titled “The creators of the 20th century.” It opens on Sept. 15 and will continue until Sept. 21 as a part of Bursa Fotofest 2012.

Within the exhibit expect to find photographs of great 20th century figures, including Hitchcock, Dali, Pablo Picasso, Tennesee Williams, Marc Chagall, Winston Churchill and Yaşar Kemal all taken by Güler.

Güler unveils the visual memory of the 20th century with his photographs of famous writers, thinkers and artists. His books have been published by Didier Millet publications throughout the world reveal the creative process behind his work.

The first international Bursa photography festival, Bursa Fotofest 2012, will begin Oct. 15 with the aim of bringing together acclaimed photographers from Turkey and around the world to the country’s northwestern province. Bursa Fotofest hopes to inspire a synergistic dialogue between participants and establish a platform where new and aspiring photographers can promote themselves.

Apart from Güler many international photography artists will participate in the festival. A total of 65 different exhibitions will take place with Mary Ellen Mark, Li Zhengsheng, Antonin Kratochvil, Coşkun Aral and also Bruce Gilden. The festival will also host photography contests, social responsibility projects, training workshops for amateur photographers, and color the walls of Bursa schools and public institutions with photographs.

The chief curator and general artistic director of the event is Merih Akoğul. Other curators include Jason Eskenazi, Güven Aktaş, Cengiz Karlıova, Hüseyin Yılmaz and Beril Gür.