Security bill constitutes historic reform: Deputy PM

Security bill constitutes historic reform: Deputy PM

Security bill constitutes historic reform: Deputy PM

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The contentious security package increasing the power of the police and governors is in fact a historic reform to preserve democracy and the rule of law in Turkey, according to Deputy Prime Minister Yalçın Akdoğan.

“Those who are in favor of [imposing] tutelage [on politics] have always been against democratic reforms and other regulations that would break their control. That’s what is happening again. They know perfectly well that the era of coups will become history and their hopes for imposing tutelage will be over once this security package is approved,” Akdoğan said on Feb. 27, addressing a meeting of governors.

The introduction of the government-proposed 132-article security package to parliament has sparked fierce debates at the General Assembly, with frequent scuffles between ruling party and opposition lawmakers. Amid repeated bouts of fisticuffs, 33 articles of the package have been approved so far.

Akdoğan stressed that no freedoms can be assured in the absence of security, saying it was suspicious that all three opposition parties have united against the government on the issue, referring to the rare agreement between the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP). 

“Arrangements about the gendarmerie are a historical reform to preserve civil authority. The transformation of the police department is a historical reform. Taking measures to reinforce public order and security is a big step to spoil their game, which is why they are disturbed. Tutelage, coups and the parallel structure will all be terminated. There is no other way. The rule of law and democracy will win,” he said.