Policewoman under state protection killed by husband

Policewoman under state protection killed by husband

ANKARA- Doğan News Agency
Policewoman under state protection killed by husband

Gülşah Karakafa. DHA Photo

A police officer in Ankara has killed his wife, also an officer, because she had filed for divorce, before committing suicide by shooting himself, Doğan news agency reported.

Gülşah Karakafa, 25, began seeing Ümit Karakafa while they were both attending the police academy. Four years into their marriage, the relationship deteriorated, and Gülşah Karakafa filed for divorce, accusing her husband of physical abuse.

Karakafa demanded protection following threats from her husband. She was granted state protection, but bureaucratic proceedings delayed the assignment of a police officer to the case.

Gülşah Karakafa was cornered by her husband in the early hours of the morning. He threatened to kill her if she would not abandon the divorce proceedings. Karakafa refused, after which her husband shot her four times. Two bullets hit Karakafa in the abdomen and two more struck her in the calf. 

Ümit Karakafa died at the scene after shooting himself. Gülşah Karakafa was immediately taken to a nearby hospital, where she passed away soon after.

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