Police officer killed during armed clash in Istanbul

Police officer killed during armed clash in Istanbul

Police officer killed during armed clash in Istanbul One police officer was killed while another was wounded on June 15 in an armed clash which erupted during an operation in the Arnavutköy district of Istanbul.

The armed clash between police officers and the suspects flared up when police attempted to apprehend a sought suspect during an investigation into drug dealers in the district at around 12:45 p.m. 

A number of police officers and special operations officers were deployed to conduct the operation, during which the police surrounded a shanty house where the suspects had hidden with armored vehicles.

One of the assailants, identified as Seyfettin G., who had a criminal record for drug charges and was sought by the police, was killed in the operation.

Meanwhile, police officer Ayhan Ölçer and Arnavutköy District Police Commissioner Aykut Korkmaz were wounded in the clash. However, Ölçer succumbed to his injuries during surgery in hospital. Korkmaz was still receiving treatment.

Police conducted examinations in the area following the operation.

In addition, Istanbul Chief of Police Mustafa Çalışkan visited Korkmaz in the hospital. He later left the hospital without making a statement on the attack.