People waiting to adopt loyal puppies

People waiting to adopt loyal puppies

BURSA - Doğan News Agency
People waiting to adopt loyal puppies

There are 33 open and 66 closed production areas for the dog breeds in the center. DHA photo

The dog breeding center connected to TIGEM in the Karacabey province of the northwestern province of Bursa has a total number of 210 dogs, of which 132 are Kangal and 78 are Akbaş. The center was founded in order to save the Turkish shepherd dog breeds and to avoid their extinction.

The center announced that there are hundreds of people in line waiting for the puppies. Those wishing to receive one of these puppies will need to pay at least 1,500 Turkish Liras.

The chief of the center, Şefi Vakkas Karaoğlan, described the aim of the center as; saving the Turkish shepherd dogs Kangal and Akbaş breeds that are facing extinction. The reason for their extinction is stated as the unconscious and illiterate cultivation and nutrition of these dogs all around the country.

Karaoğlan said that they were choosing the best material that reflected the finest attributes of the species and multiplying these by selection. Therefore they are conserving the breed.

There are 33 open and 66 closed production areas for the dog breeds in the center and they are working to save the genes of the species. Karaoğlan emphasized that Akbaş is a Turkish shepherd dog and could easily protect and lead the herd and added, “People buy our dog to protect their homes or work places. These dogs have the guarding instincts therefore they defend where they have lived as a puppy. These are some of the loyal dogs in the world. People started preferring Turkish dogs instead of foreign races such as Pit-bull, German shepherd and Doberman pinscher.

Prices up to 2,000 liras

“Sivas is the area which provided protection to the Kangal breed until today. Kangal dogs are loyal and friendly. We have made 3,000 sales since the foundation of the center. The price of owning a Kangal or Akbaş puppy is 1,500 liras. The 6 to 12 months old dogs are sold for 1,700 liras and more than one year old dogs cost 2,000 liras. There are 560 people waiting to buy our puppies.” said Karaoğlan.