Ölüdeniz beaches dazzle with nature, gliding

Ölüdeniz beaches dazzle with nature, gliding

Ölüdeniz beaches dazzle with nature, gliding

Turkey’s idyllic Ölüdeniz beach hotspot is as famous for its history, beauty, and sports as its cool, clear waters where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean.

Every year, thousands of tourists flock to Ölüdeniz in the resort town of Fethiye in the Muğla province, known for its magnificent scenery, turquoise glassy sea, and Blue Flag-certified eco-friendly beaches.

Towering above the stunning Ölüdeniz or Blue Lagoon nestling along the coastline, Mt. Babadağ is considered one of the top destinations worldwide for paragliding.

After launching from runways on the peak, towering over 1,900 meters high, paragliders can catch a stunning bird's-eye view of nature covered with lush green trees and the deep blue sea.

Ölüdeniz also boasts the clean sands of Kumburnu and Belcekız, both certified eco-friendly beaches.

Located in southwestern Anatolia, Ölüdeniz also impresses visitors with its deep ancient history.

Named the “land of light and sun” by the Lycian civilization in the last two millennia B.C., Ölüdeniz takes visitors on a trip through time for those who want to experience the pleasure of sand and sea together with history and culture.

Alim Karaca, the mayor of Fethiye, told Anadolu Agency that every year they hold the Ölüdeniz Air Games, one of the biggest aerial game festivals in the world.

“We welcomed 1,200 athletes from 73 countries” last year, he said, pledging to resume the festival once the pandemic is over.

Erdal Akkuş, a paraglider in Babadag for over a quarter-century, said people can feast their eyes on the stunning view of Ölüdeniz not only from the land but also from high in the skies.

Ömer Ali Kaya, 28, came to Fethiye from Istanbul for his holiday.

“The water of Ölüdeniz was calm, shallow, and clean,” Kaya said.

After taking off from Mt. Babadağ for paragliding, he said he encountered “a magnificent view.”