Nine days of piano recitals in Antalya

Nine days of piano recitals in Antalya

Nine days of piano recitals in Antalya

Gürer Aykal (L) and Menderes Türel

The 19th International Antalya Piano Festival will kick off on Sept. 1 in the southern city. The event will host artists from around the world under the baton of the festival’s art director Gürer Aykal until Sept. 9. 

Speaking at a press conference on Aug. 28, Antalya Mayor Menderes Türel said the festival left behind its youth and entered the age of maturity in its 19th year, adding that the festival made the greatest contribution to their goal to turn the city into the capital of culture and arts. 

“The festival also made great contributions to the brand value of the city and enhanced Antalya’s identity of City of Art along with sea, sun and sand,” Gürer said. 

The Art Director of the festival, Aykal said he was a lucky man. “Because the mayor is a pianist to me. There is very good communication between us,” he added. 

The festival also has a significant mission to support young talents. As a result of a contest to be held at the Antalya Cultural Center on Sept. 2 and Sept. 3, the first three pianists in every category will be entitled to participate in the masterclass with Gökhan Aybulus on Sept. 4. 

The winners of each category will have the right to be concert soloists with the Antalya State Symphony Orchestra under the conductorship of maestro Aykal on the evening of Sept. 4. 

Türel said the festival provided support for the discovery and education of future artists. “The festival is not only limited to concerts but it is prestigious for the city to become a brand. It is a way of promotion,” he added. 

Festival program 

The festival will open on Sept. 1 with a concert by Spanish artist Laura de los Angeles. De los Angeles, who has a versatile career by enriching her vocal performance with piano and dance, has placed among one of the leading female artists in flamenco music. She will present the audience with a musical feast for the first time in Turkey. 

Kenan Tatlıcı is the guest of this year’s Young Stars Concert, which is dedicated to the memory of Kamuran Gündemir and is performed every year at the International Antalya Piano Festival. The concert will take place at the Antalya Cultural Center on Sept. 5. 

Ivan “Melon” Lewis, who is recognized as one of the most talented pianists of his generation, and the Cuban Swing will be on the stage on Sept. 6 at the Sahil Antalya Yaşam Park. His latest project, the Cuban Swing Express, which he formed after years of touring the world with different artists, including renowned Spanish Singer Buika, consists of 10 of the best and most talented Cuban musicians living in Europe. 

On Sept. 8, together with the Antalya State Symphony Orchestra and Aykal, Turkey’s acclaimed composer and pianist Fahir Atakoğlu will meet with music lovers as a soloist at a concert, during which film music from the past to the present will be performed. 

The festival’s closing concert will be given by Dhafer Youssef on Sept. 9. Youssef will come to Turkey to share his album “Diwan of Beauty and Odd.” 

Within the scope of the festival this year, Gülçin Anıl will present an exhibition called “Rhythmic Colors” at the Antalya Culture Center.

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