‘Next Persian Stars’ final filming in southern Turkish resort

‘Next Persian Stars’ final filming in southern Turkish resort

ANTALYA – Doğan News Agency
‘Next Persian Stars’ final filming in southern Turkish resort

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The Iranian TV show “Next Persian Stars,” a talent finding show inspired by “American Idol,” kicked off its final competition in Turkey’s touristic resort town of Alanya located in southern Antalya province.

Some 20 candidates competing to become Iran’s next star gave their first performance on the stage at a touristic complex in Alanya. The finals will take three days in total and one female and one male contestant out of the 20 contestants will become Iran’s next stars and win the grand prizes. 

Initially some 400 people from Iran applied and participated in the competition in September. Only 20 out of the 400 applicants made it to the finals. 

On the first night, eight of the contestants were eliminated, while only six out of the 12 left will make it to the last round of the competition. Out of the final six, one female and one male performer will be chosen by public voting as the new stars of Iran. 

Famous Iranians Mohammed Maghadam, Vartan Avanasian, Aref, Omid, and Manaachehr Cheshmazar are the jury members of the contest. 

The original version of “Iran’s next star” - American Idol - is an American singing competition series which started airing in 2002 and has spread across the globe, with local versions of the original format being produced. American Idol and its local versions aim at finding new solo recording artists, while a panel of judges who critique the contestants’ performances usually decide on the winner. In some cases, the winner is also determined by a public vote via telephone or text.