MPs back to work in Turkish Parliament

MPs back to work in Turkish Parliament

MPs back to work in Turkish Parliament

The Turkish lawmakers has been back to work on Jan. 4 after a 13-day hiatus as the new legislative proposals to be discussed in the Turkish Parliament in the new year have been determined.

The main agenda of the general assembly of the parliament in 2022 will be economics, officials said on Jan. 3.

The first law proposal to be discussed in the general assembly on Jan. 4 will be about an “increase of aversiveness against stockpiling.”

Many business owners and supermarket chains are accused of stockpiling amid the exchange rate fluctuations.

The proposal allows officials to fine “all people who prevent consumers to reach products” between 100,000 Turkish Liras [$7,528] and 2 million liras [$150,550].

A regulation about the usage of cryptocurrencies will be another agenda of the parliament during the talks in January.

The regulations about “fight against disinformation,” “the sixth judicial reform package,” and the “sports law” will be other agendas of the parliament throughout the year.

“Also a regulation on the alimony law that aims to secure justice between the couples will be at the MPs’ schedules,” officials highlighted.

The parliament was closed to sessions on Dec. 22, 2021, for New Year holidays.

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