Moroccan plane floods at Istanbul Atatürk Airport

Moroccan plane floods at Istanbul Atatürk Airport

Moroccan plane floods at Istanbul Atatürk Airport

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A Royal Air Maroc plane was flooded on Sept. 28 when its plumbing system broke down at Istanbul Atatürk Airport shortly before take-off, Doğan News Agency has reported.
The cargo hold of the Boeing 767 model carrier bound for the Moroccan capital Casablanca was flooded after a problem occurred with its plumbing system shortly after boarding at 5:05 p.m.

A total of 185 passengers on board were immediately evacuated to the terminal after the flooding. The apron of the airport was also briefly flooded.

Abdullah Kan, one of the passengers, said they were evacuated from the plane without any prior information. 
“The routine boarding was completed and the luggage was loaded. We were taken off the plane [by airline staff] without any information while waiting for take-off,” Kan said.

Another passenger, Atilla Yaradılmış, said they waited inside the aircraft for an hour after the flooding.

“We boarded the plane and waited for an hour. They said there was a problem with the plumbing system inside and there was a water leak from the bottom of the plane. We are still waiting and we were struck,” Yaradılmış said.