More than 3,700 migrants captured across Turkey in May

More than 3,700 migrants captured across Turkey in May

More than 3,700 migrants captured across Turkey in May


More than 3,700 migrants were captured across Turkey by security forces in just one month, according to unofficial data.

At least 3,737 migrants, including many Syrians, were captured by Turkish security forces en route to European countries. A majority of these migrants attempted to cross into Europe via the Aegean Sea and through borders in the northwestern provinces of Turkey.

According to unofficial data, 1,010 migrants were captured in the resort town of Bodrum during May, both on land and sea. Most of the migrants who were caught at sea either used inflatable boats or if they were luckier, small boats, according to media reports.

More than 680 migrants were captured in the northwestern province of Çanakkale, while more than 540 were captured in the neighboring province of Edirne. Turkish security forces also captured 341 migrants in the southern province of Antalya throughout May.

In the southeastern province of Van, 226 migrants were captured during the same month. Enduring harsh weather and extreme geographical conditions on the border between Turkey and Iran, refugees faced the risk of freezing. 

The Syrian refugees who entered Turkey via its southeastern border are not included in these numbers as most have returned to Syria and later reentered Turkey more than once in a short time due to their country’s ongoing crises.