Ministry recalls Kinder products

Ministry recalls Kinder products

Ministry recalls Kinder products

Agriculture and Forestry Ministry has announced that some Kinder products manufactured in Belgium will be recalled due to salmonella risks.

The ministry said on April 21 that Schoko Bons, a chocolate product of the Kinder brand, will be partially recalled, after reports of a salmonella outbreak in Kinder Surprise eggs produced in Europe.

The recall involves two shipments of the small chocolate eggs and only involves those with the expiration date of July 8 and July 15, according to local media reports.

No hazardous substances have been detected in Kinder products during the strict inspections, the ministry said. The recall was ordered after an “update on the situation in Europe” by the European Union, it added.

The ministry and Ferrero Turkey, which imports chocolate-covered plastic eggs, had earlier announced that there was no risk on imports from Europe so far, but the products would be subject to tight inspection.

Ferrero on April 12 asked U.S. consumers to dispose of some Kinder chocolate products not authorized for distribution in the country, warning they could be from the batch recently recalled in Europe due to a potential salmonella contamination.