Mexico archeologists uncover 800-year-old skeletons

Mexico archeologists uncover 800-year-old skeletons

CHOLULA, Mexico - Agence France-Presse
Mexico archeologists uncover 800-year-old skeletons


Archeologists in central Mexico uncovered the bones of 12 children and adults who may have been buried 800 years ago, a National Institute of Anthropology and History expert told AFP.

The skeletons were discovered as the archeologists supervised the installation of a new drain in an old neighborhood of Cholula, a city located 120 kilometers north of the Mexican capital.

The first skull was found at the site on December 8 and by Thursday, the experts had identified the remains of 12 individuals.

They were found buried just a few centimeters below a paved section of asphalt, said archeologist Ashuni Romero Butron, who added "fortunately they were not damaged by erosion before the paving." He said most of the 12 skeletons are complete, and their sexes will have to be determined in laboratory analysis.

The ethnic origin of the bodies is also yet to be determined, though Romero noted that 800 years ago the area was home to people from the Tolteca-Chichimeca and the Olmeca-Xicalanca cultures.

Last April, another burial site with 17 skeletons, some 700 years old, was found nearby.