May Day victim girl barely finds hospital

May Day victim girl barely finds hospital

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News
May Day victim girl barely finds hospital

Dilan Alp’s (inset) father Ali Ekber Alp (R) speaks to lawmakers. DHA photo

Dilan Alp, a 17-year-old girl who was severely wounded in the clashes during Istanbul’s May Day demonstrations, has been transferred to a third hospital after being discharged from the first two, while her family remains concerned about her health.

Alp was first discharged from Medikal Park Hospital’s intensive care unit on the grounds that she had recovered enough on May 6. Her family then took Alp to the Private Bağcılar Işık Medical Center, but she was also transferred from there to another hospital on the grounds that the facilities of the medical center were not sufficient.

Alp was struck in the head by a gas canister fired by police during May Day demonstrations close to Istanbul’s Taksim Square. Haluk Ağabeyoğlu, a friend of Dilan’s father Ali Ekber Alp, said Dilan had been hurriedly and unexpectedly discharged from hospital.

“While Dilan was in the intensive care unit, it was suddenly said that she would be discharged. Her father was shocked,” Ağabeyoğlu said.

Authorities from Medikal Park Hospital refuted the claims, arguing that the doctors decided to discharge her, as the treatment was completed.

Ağabeyoğlu, however, said these statements did not reflect the truth. “Despite their financial difficulties, the family was struggling to keep Dilan at the hospital, as her condition was critical. Her father Ali Ekber was fired from his job 15 months ago without receiving his social rights,” he said. “We are talking about a very young girl. The unjust smear against Dilan needs to be urgently cleared up.”