Local vet treats animals after massive Antalya fire

Local vet treats animals after massive Antalya fire

ANTALYA – Anadolu Agency
Local vet treats animals after massive Antalya fire

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A veterinarian in the Kumluca district of the southern province of Antalya has offered free treatment to animals which were injured during the large forest fires that hit the area and affected over 500 hectares from June 24 to June 26.

Local veterinarian clinic owner Mert Baylan announced on social media that he would provide treatment to a number of different wild animals and pets which were severely affected by the fires. 

Baylan said his team had treated and saved five dogs and three cats which were affected by the smoke of the fires. “Two alpine swifts which were found in the fire zone with injuries to their wings and bodies were brought [to the clinic] by locals. We provided the animals with the necessary treatments. When they have recovered, we will set them free,” he added, as quoted by Anadolu Agency.

Saying that he also found some injured animals, such as turtles, in the area after the fires, Baylan added they treated them at the scene and carried them to safer areas where they could find food and water. 

Meanwhile, a forest fire in Antalya’s Kaş district was brought under control on June 30 thanks to a timely response by firefighting teams. 

The fire, the cause of which was unknown and began in the province’s Karadağ neighborhood, was reported by residents to the Antalya Regional Forestry Directorate and teams were dispatched to the area with the support of three helicopters and five sprinklers.  

The fire was in danger of spreading due to the wind and burned around one hectare before it was taken under control by the teams. 

Officials from the Forestry Directorate said the area was far away from any agricultural fields, power lines and residential areas, adding that they suspected it was set intentionally. 

The massive fire in Antalya’s Kumluca district over the weekend had threatened residential areas as well as hotels and tourist attractions in Olimpos and Adrasan, which are known for their pristine environment. Over 150 hectares were burned by the fire, which was brought under control some 20 hours later.