History goes online with a new project

History goes online with a new project

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History goes online with a new project

The TTK president speaks about the new project. AA photo

The Turkish History Foundation (TTK) is preparing an online encyclopedia named Türkpedia, which will include all kinds of information, photos and visuals about Turks. Türkpedia will be available in English and Russian.

TTK president Metin Hülagü said with the project everything about Turkish history and culture would be explained. “All times and places where Turks have lived will be included in Türkpedia.

Hülagü said Türkpedia would be like the international source of information Wikipedia but it would include information about Turks only.

He said visuals were also very important to the website and 26,000 photos relating to topics such as World War I, the Middle East, the Ottomans, the War of Independence and Atatürk would be transferred to the website as well as 1,800 manuscripts.

Hülagü also said users would be able to access photos taken in the beginning of the 1900s, adding that they were also making a film on the Ottoman admiral Piri Reis. He also called for those who have historical sources to give them to TTK for the Türkpedia project.