History body completes publication on Armenians

History body completes publication on Armenians

Cengizhan Çatal ANKARA / Hürriyet
History body completes publication on Armenians

Turkish Historical Foundation (TTK) chairman Metin Hülagü says the 10-volume book highlights ‘the solidarity of the Turks and Armenians.’ AA photo

The Turkish Historical Foundation (TTK) has introduced its latest publication on Armenians, prepared by 350 academics and titled “Turks and Armenians in History.”

TTK president Prof. Dr. Metin Hülagü said the book was about “the solidarity of the Turks and Armenians.”

“The books discuss the unity of Turks and Armenians. Fighting is a last resort in our culture. The prime minister’s recent statement [over the 1915 events] also emphasizes humanitarian feelings,” Hülagü said.

He added that Armenian historians were not included in the book, despite the fact that the TTK had made a call for their participation.

“We announced to the whole world that we were preparing this book and that papers were being accepted. But we did not get any contributions from abroad. We were unable to receive the contribution of any Armenians,” said Hülagü.

Lack of time

He suggested that a “lack of time” might be a reason for the lack of foreign participation in their project.

The TTK’s 10 volume book includes papers with titles including “Armenians in First Age and Middle Age,” “The culture of living together,” “Socioeconomic life,” “Armenians in rural and urban areas,” “Population and migration,” “The Armenian population and the church,” “Missionary activities,” The emergence of the Armenian question” and “Foreign countries.”

One paper, titled “The church’s mission in taking the Armenian question to the international agenda,” defends the idea that the Armenian Church has played a significant role in bringing the issue Armenian genocide question to the attention of the international community.