High-ranking navy general steps down

High-ranking navy general steps down

Cengizhan Çatal
High-ranking navy general steps down

This photograph shows the Navy Command of the Turkish General Staff. A high ranking navy general, Gündüz Alp Demirus, has resigned.

Gündüz Alp Demirus, a high ranking navy general who was involved in a spying case, has resigned.
The General Staff accepted the chief of the logistics division of the navy’s resignation June 10.

Commodore Demirus, who had testified within the scope of a spying case last year, was also following the hearings of the Balyoz (Sledgehammer) case personally.

An investigation against the espionage gang started in 2009 after allegations rose that the gang reportedly targeted active-duty officers with details about the location of a war craft radar.

During Balyoz, a trial regarding an alleged coup attempt, separate reports from Naval and Air Force experts indicated the hard drive containing evidence had been modified, but their assessments were dismissed by the court.